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Doing Business

Vital Statistics

Portsmouth is a great place to do business. In fact, it's one of the most attractive relocation and expansion sites in the Midwest today. There are a number of reasons why businesses find Portsmouth such a logical choice. Some of those reasons are easily defined: for example, the abundance of inexpensive land and the tax considerations offered by city and county governments.

Other reasons are more abstract, yet still important considerations in the decision-making process. Included in those are the entrepreneurial team spirit that exists here. Ask anyone doing business in Portsmouth. You'll hear about cooperation between labor and management. A willingness to compromise. The ability to work together, therefore enabling all those involved to benefit.

These factors that are influencing businesses to locate throughout Scioto County are the same reasons why we're attracting attention both regionally and nationally.

These following information provides a statistical overview of Scioto County, where Portsmouth is located.

Scioto County

Size: 614 square miles
Region: Southern Ohio
117 mi SE of Cincinnati, OH
93 mi S of Columbus, OH
124 mi SE of Dayton, OH
44 mi NW of Huntington, WV
118 mi NE of Lexington, KY
185 mi NE of Louisville, KY


Prevailing Wind Direction: Southwest
Average Relative Humidity: 79%
Average Monthly High Temperature:
January: 47.6F
March: 58.0F
May: 70.1F
July: 86.7F
September: 77.8F
November: 54.3F
Annual Days Over 90F: 26
Annual Days less than 32F: 23
Average Annual Precipitation:
Rain: 41 inches
Snow: 18 inches


County: 79,195
Portsmouth: 20,909

Found Within a 500-Mile Radius of Portsmouth
48% of the nation's population
49% of the nation's aggregate household income
51% of U.S. manufacturing establishments
64% of the nation's value added by manufacturing
68% of the nation's machine tool establishments
39% of U.S. research and development laboratories
48% of the nation's engineers

Scioto County Profile - prepared by the Ohio Dept. of Development, Office of Strategic Research

Ohio County Per Capita Personal Income
Ohio's Strategic Location in the US
Scioto County Profile of General Demographic Characteristics
Ohio's Strategic Access to US Markets
2017 Annual Unemployment Averages

The Southern Ohio Procurement Outreach Center provides free assistance to small businesses interested in selling their products/services to Federal and State agencies, local government entities and larger prime contractors. SOPOC counselors provide help with various registrations, identify potential buyers, assist with the bidding process, and offer educational and networking workshops.

Health Care

Southern Ohio Medical Center is a primary health care system with a centrally located hospital, emergency health care center, urgent care center, comprehensive cancer care center and five satellite facilities in Scioto County. SOMC owns a 70-bed long-term care facility, a 40-bed transitional care unit, and a 106-unit retirement complex. SOMC operates Ohio's oldest home care program, one of the states largest hospice programs and an adult daily living service. Licenses for 421 beds, SOMC's staff of more than 150 physicians and specialists join 2,000 employees in providing both emergent and specialized care in state-of-the-art facilities. Maternity, ICU, Surgery, and Emergency departments incorporate the latest approaches in care though design and technology that focus on the patient's needs. SOMC operates under the nationally accepted standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) and has received honors for its exemplary compliance. Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services are provided for orthopedic, neurological and pediatric issues, as well as speech and hearing. Specialized services include cardiac catheterization, women's health, medical and radiation oncology, dialysis services, diabetes education and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. SOMC owns one the largest wellness centers in the state, the SOMC LIFE Center, which houses exercise equipment, a gymnasium, indoor track, a lap pool and an aquatic therapy pool, along with sauna and whirlpool facilities.

Southern Ohio Medical Center,
1805 27th Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662
(740) 356-5000



Although the forestry and agricultural industries arrived on the scene naturally, many other types of industry are attracted to Portsmouth for man-made reasons. Not the least of which are the men and women who make up the work force. The vocational schools and colleges in the area create training programs to specifically address the needs of local industry. Other factors include some of the most competitive electric, natural gas, transportation, and construction costs to be found anywhere throughout the United States. Also, the Southern Ohio Growth Partnership's programs offer assistance to industry in the form of financial leverage with private lenders, state development funds, federal development programs, and local revolving loan funds. In today's business environment, these considerations simply cannot be overlooked.



Possibly at no other time in history has education been more important than it is today. We live in a world where entire industries can change literally overnight. For individuals, as well as businesses, to keep pace, education has become a continuous endeavor. We recognize the need for quality education at every level, throughout all stages of life. Students should not only learn facts, but also learn to interact with each other, to be adaptable, and to recognize that change is inevitable. This educational focus creates well-rounded people who become well-prepared employees. The kind of employees it takes to compete today, and certainly tomorrow.

It begins with a solid public education system designed to prepare students for the future, whether it's continued education or an immediate entry into the job market. For those who want to continue their educations, Portsmouth is rich in opportunity. Quality trade and technical schools can be found here, all of which have reputations for producing skilled workers to meet the demands of business and industry.

Portsmouth is also home to Shawnee State University, whose picturesque riverfront setting provides an inspiring place to learn. Here, Associate and Bachelor Degrees can be earned in a variety of fields from Accounting to Zoology. Shawnee State also brings to Portsmouth the dreams, energy, and ideals which are so commonly found on college campuses.



When you look out upon the natural beauty that surrounds Portsmouth, it's easy to see why protecting the environment is one of the top priorities of private citizens, as well as business and industry. The bottom line is that we owe a lot to Mother Nature: the rivers, the timber, and the fertile ground. To neglect these assets would only harm us in the long run. We've worked very hard to strike a balance between man and nature. We've learned to manage our forests and how not to pollute our rivers; we've achieved all this with no adverse effect on business, and that's something of which we're all proud. The way we see it, the environment has been left in our care. And even though we can't protect the whole world, we can certainly protect our corner.

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